Classes are 60 minutes long unless otherwise stated. Please arrive at least 5 minutes earlier to allow the class to start on time. This applies particularly for the evening class at Ruby&Norm as after the starting time there is nobody to allow access to the venue.

Venues might change from time to time due to different circumstances. I will notify in advance any change.

Class prices are:

  • 6 class saver plan: £48 for 6 classes to be used within 6 consecutive weeks in any classes. Fees cannot be refunded for unattended classes.
  • 6 class flexi plan: £64 for 6 classes to be used within 8 consecutive weeks in any classes.
  • Drop ins: £12.
  • One to one/two to one: £45/£60. 24 hours cancellation applies.

All fees for the 6 class plans should be paid when enrolling either in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.

If you are unable to attend your usual class during your 6 class plan, you will be able to attend a different class in the same week as long as a space is available.

If I cancel a class or if your 6 classes are over a school holiday week then I will carry one class over.