Chi va piano va sano e va lontano
‘Who goes slowly, goes safely and goes far’  (Italian saying)


Life in London can get on top of us sometimes and the fast pace of daily life rarely allows us to go "piano"- to slow down - while we each try to climb our own personal mountains. Where I grew up in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, the mountains are very real and very beautiful. From hiking in my beloved mountains I learnt how to take things one step at a time as well as the importance of breathing deeply and slowly. In London the challenges are of a different nature, but by looking after ourselves and taking time to relax, regenerate and re-balance our busy lives, we can get back on top of things, take a breath or two and start to enjoy the view afresh.


Through regular yoga practice we learn to observe the rhythms, patterns and habits of the body and mind. Whether during a pause between breaths or in a moment of deep focus during a balancing posture we can learn to listen again to the body's natural music.


I was introduced to yoga in 2001 by my next-door neighbour and I haven't looked back since. For the first ten years I practised with Edith Simmons who encouraged me to train as a yoga teacher at Triyoga. I have been teaching Hatha yoga since 2010, focusing primarily on the value of awareness and mindfulness.  At the heart of every one of my classes is the importance of breathing practices and physical postures, both of which play key roles in grounding, lengthening and strengthening.

The classes take place in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere so that while you are working hard to achieve your own personal goals, you can also have some fun.  Yes, yoga can be fun!

"Anna’s yoga class is an inherent part of my week and I always look forward to it. The garden studio, where the classes take place, is very lovely and personal. Anna is a warmhearted and humorous yoga teacher and everyone feels welcome and comfortable immediately"