A Brand New Class at The Blackheath Conservatoire

Yoga with music. East meets West
From 18th April . Wednesday 13.30-14.30
To book call 020 8852 0234 or email info@conservatoire.org.uk 
or go http://www.conservatoire.org.uk/

“Music is the silence between the notes” DebussyMusic and yoga have much in common but rarely coincide. Breathing plays a big part in both and with its highs and lows, crescendos, diminuendos and silences, balance and flow, and changes in tempo, music reflects all aspects of our lives. Week by week, as you learn how one yoga posture gently flows into another in this great Eastern tradition, you will observe how one musical movement flows into the next as we steadily work our way through our great legacy of Western music from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Each class will feature live piano music performed by Joe Thompson (www.joethompson.london) as well as recordings of the great classics through the ages starting with Gregorian chant in week 1 through to the present day and the film music of Yann Tiersen in week 12.