Hatha Yoga

Downward facing dog


They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, but first comes the breath. Breathing exercises are a great way to begin a class but they are also a great way of taking the first step towards finding renewed strength and balance in our lives. We all need to come up for air occasionally and by re-learning how to breathe naturally and efficiently we can take that vital first step towards relieving stress and anxiety.


Feeling “grounded” is a vital part of yoga.  The earth beneath our feet is there to support us not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Focusing on the role of the feet during standing postures (position/weight/balance) can offer us an insight into how the smallest changes often make the biggest difference.

In the antenatal and mother-and-baby classes mums are reminded of the importance of getting themselves back on their own two feet for the sake of their babies.  For the same reason, airline safety procedures urge parents to put on their own oxygen masks before trying to help their children. Don’t forget to look after yourselves mums!

"I have been going to Anna’s yoga classes for more than three years.  She runs these at different times and I now attend her 6.45 a.m. class, which is ideal for a working person with a heavy day in front of them.  Anna has a very balanced and disciplined approach to yoga and I have found that regular attendance at classes where alignment and flexibility are priorities have meant that my body has changed for the better and I have a more relaxed attitude to life.  Anna, herself, is a delightful person; she is warm, kind, patient and incredibly generous.  She runs most of her classes and workshops from a wonderful studio at the bottom of her garden, which has recently been renovated and is the perfect place to practise yoga.  I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!"